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As I was driving to my next Boise real estate appointment last week I saw the first fresh cherry stand of the season alongside the road and knew that the annual "world famous" Emmett Cherry Festival was just around the corner.   The cherry festival has been gracing the fertile Treasure Valley since the 1930's, always celebrated the second full week of June.  In addition to sampling the succulent tree ripened cherries, the festival celebrates with lively and diverse events throughout the week.  

Most of us who grew up in the Treasure Valley enjoy a favorite childhood "U-Pick" orchard story, whether it's on all fours picking strawberries or standing on  a ladder, stretching their arms to grasp the perfect apple.  There is something very special about

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Rent Growth High; Apartment Market Continues to Rise

 Annual effective rent growth in the first quarter 2015 was 4.9%, the highest rate since the third quarter of 2011 and the highest first-quarter level since 2006. That’s a very optimistic metric for investors and landlords according to Park Place property management of Meridian, ID.

The apartment market is especially robust and continues an upward trend this year, according to preliminary first quarter data from Axiometrics. The most likely explanation of the strength of the Boise Idaho real estate rental market?  Jobs, Jobs and Jobs even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests the Boise Idaho job creation may be slowing a bit but the Boise Idaho economy as a whole

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It's that time in Idaho again, and you have probably already received your property tax bill for the 2014 tax year.  It's hard not to notice a healthy increase in the tax bill this year, thanks to the strength of the Boise real estate market and all of the appreciation we have realized over the past few years.  Although it's tough to write out that check, just remember that your equity is increasing and so is your net worth.  Idaho property taxes are paid in arrears and although the bill is considered annual, Idaho allows homeowners to pay in two installments but for those that are overachievers, feel free to pay the entire bill on December 20th, your county will appreciate it!  Don't forget to pay the first half of your bill no later than December 20th

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A nutritious breakfast is a must for the health conscious Idahoan as we learned long ago from dear old mom.  These days even Jack-in-the- Box (the dude with a big ping pong ball head) reminds us that he has many delectable, albeit mostly unhealthy breakfast treats just waiting for us all day long guessed it...breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 

There is nothing more enticing than the get up and go power of a cup of coffee in the morning in your Boise home.  As it turns out, coffee is truly a "super food" but we need more than that cup of heavenly brown nectar in the morning to kick start our day with loads of energy. A nutrition packed breakfast can be fast and convenient, just the way we need it as we hurry to get ready

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Gardening and Boise real estate go hand in hand, if you want to buy a Boise home it's going to be difficult to escape the joys of gardening unless you hire somebody else to do it for you.  Many Boise homeowners of all ages are embracing the call of the wild and getting their green thumb groove on to save money, improve their health, reduce their grocery bill and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  The cost of entry into gardening is relatively low, depending on how deep you intend to dive in.  An added benefit of gardening is that you don't even need your own garden to participate.  There are many community gardens throughout the Treasure Valley area offering opportunities to not only grow plants but meaningful relationships as well, and there is likely a

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Stuff.  Boise Homes are full of it. However, the difference between having stuff and having clutter is twofold:

1. When your beloved belongings have no proper home, and so they seemingly make their own, here, there, and everywhere, making it impossible for you to find what you need when you need it without a search party and torches.

2. When the items you choose to display increase in numbers, like rabbits in a cage, overtaking their intended space until it becomes nothing more than a sea of stuff, unable to be appreciated for what it was originally intended to be.

“Clutter results when you sidestep making a decision,” says Regina Leeds, professional organizer and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Decluttering. Think of a room in your

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Whether you work to live or live to work, one day you might want to retire to Boise Idaho and when the time comes, it's important to be well prepared.  In order to fully comprehend all that’s involved in this eventual milestone, you may want to consider joining organizations such as AARP, AMAC or the Alliance for Retired Americans so you have a steady source of information to turn to with your questions.  In the meantime, this high level summary will give you a glimpse into the economic, home, and fitness issues to consider when preparing for your Boise Idaho retirement.  Idaho is a state AARP includes on their top ten cities in which to retire.   


Whether your retirement plan consists of mattress money, a 401(k), social

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I am often asked by homeowners if they should offer allowances rather than repair their Boise homes so they will sell quickly and for more money.  The answer to the questions is very simple; sure you can offer repair allowances, but only if you want to increase the amount of time it will take to sell your Boise home and receive less money for it.  Selling Boise real estate is hard work for the seller and the real estate agent, especially in the robust real estate market in Boise, ID where homeowners are often competing with new construction.  

A properly prepared house will sell for more money and in less time because buyers will appreciate the condition it is in.  The property will also fare much better during the inspection process, which is another

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Every Boise home buyer needs a great local loan officer to provide expert assistance throughout the process of buying Boise real estate. Just like receiving maximum value with the home you purchase, you want to be sure that you get the very best value for the loan itself, with the lowest interest rate and loan costs and the best terms that will fit your individual needs.
Part of the process of purchasing a home is preparing to qualify for a home loan. The majority of home buyers, and especially first time home buyers will find that they need to do a little bit of financial house cleaning in order to qualify for their home loan.
As they say, first things first, so you will want to initiate the process of preparing for a Boise home loan by reviewing your

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 The force behind the surging Boise real estate  market recovery is mostly due to the allure of the Idaho lifestyle to those that are considering relocating for retirement and lifestyle reasons.  For those that are looking to relocate for a slower more user friendly life, the stable economy Boise offers and the diverse mix of industries that are well represented in the Treasure Valley offer another great reason to relocate to Boise or retire to Boise.  During the last national economic boom that ended in 2007/2008, thousands of people were relocating to Boise and surrounding areas.  When the national economy fell into a deep recession, relocations to Boise slowed down to a trickle because the housing crisis created a significant decrease in mobility in

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