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Is Now The Time To Buy?

You've likely heard by now that we're in the middle of what industry experts like to call a "sellers market", and while it's very much true that right now is a great time to sell your home there are a number of reasons why it's also an amazing time to buy!

How can it be both? Granted, sellers are especially motivated right now because of low inventory and high demand - which almost guarantees a better return on their investment - but even with prices likely being higher there are still some great benefits to buyers.

It's About Timing
Compared to last year home buyers are more ready to buy now. With the cold Winter months and the uncertainty of the elections out of the way many people are feeling more comfortable with finances.

Supply Vs Demand
Home inventory is low right now; even if there wasn't a rush on listings their general scarcity adds a sense of urgency to the market. What if the home you want gets a better offer? This drives a lot of potential buyers off the fence and to the signing table much faster.

The Sky Is Falling
Many would be mover-uppers and potential home buyers are motivated right now because they're afraid the mortgage rates are going to go up - and they likely should be. How does that aid in making this a buyers market within a sellers market? Because RIGHT NOW the rates are still low!

Price Check
Of course money is always a factor, but with inventory being low and demand for homes being high it's almost a certainty that home prices will also be going up. For the savvy home buyer this is a sure sign that if you're thinking of buying any time this year it's likely the sooner the better.

Are you considering buying a home and just having a terrible time finding the right one? Your dream home is out there and we can help you find it! Contact us or use our website to search for the current available homes today!

Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic!

There are many perks when you buy a Boise home and the spectacular Spirit of Boise Hot Air Balloon Festival is one of them.  The beauty of this festival is not just in the majesty of the colorful plumes created by dozens of hot air balloons that create a kaleidoscope over the late summer Boise sky, it's also because of how inclusive and accessible this no cost spectacle is to everybody who invests in Boise real estate.

Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic - Kids Day

The pageantry of this five day festival plays out over the Labor Day weekend starting with a "Kids Day" in Ann Morrison Park and ending with a grand finale called The Great Launch consisting of fifty plus balloons launching over the Boise front, one after the other in a two minute window, until the sky is filled with the glorious colors of a mind bending rainbow.

Kids Day kicks off the event with about fifteen balloons safely tethered to terra firma in beautiful Ann Morrision Park, allowing children to get a close and personal hot air balloon experience by asking questions and enjoying a short tethered ride up into the morning sky.

Another highlight to the festival is "Nite Glow", another family friendly celebration starring acres of illuminated hot air balloons that create one hundred foot tall lanterns throughout Ann Morrision Park.  Although the glowing lanterns are the featured attraction, the limelight also shines on local eateries and musicians who provide treats of another sort, making this occasion a multi-sensory overload of amusement and fun.

Whether you enjoy the Spirit of Boise Hot Air Balloon Classic in Ann Morrision Park or from the many elevated vantage points Boise Bench homes and neighborhoods offer, you are ensured to take away a small slice of heaven that serves to affirm your decision to relocate to Boise Idaho was a winner.  

The Emmett Cherry Festival

As I was driving to my next Boise real estate appointment last week I saw the first fresh cherry stand of the season alongside the road and knew that the annual "world famous" Emmett Cherry Festival was just around the corner.   The cherry festival has been gracing the fertile Treasure Valley since the 1930's, always celebrated the second full week of June.  In addition to sampling the succulent tree ripened cherries, the festival celebrates with lively and diverse events throughout the week.  

Most of us who grew up in the Treasure Valley enjoy a favorite childhood "U-Pick" orchard story, whether it's on all fours picking strawberries or standing on  a ladder, stretching their arms to grasp the perfect apple.  There is something very special about experiencing fruit as nature intended, fully ripened on the stem.  When fruit naturally ripens on the stem, the natural sugars are maximized thus creating a magical aroma and mind blowing taste experience that store bought fruit can't begin to touch.

So mark your calendars for the upcoming 2015 annual Emmett Cherry Festival and enjoy not only mouth watering cherries and other local fruits of many varieties, but also the many events that are scheduled throughout each day.  This festival offers something for everybody and every age:  parades, an old fashioned bake-off, car show, quilting and art shows, rodeo, carnival rides and of course a pie eating contest.  After you gorge yourself with every kind of treat imaginable, don't forget the annual Kiwanis Fun Run/Walk!

Is Your Credit Report Ready For A Selfie?

Every Boise home buyer needs a great local loan officer to provide expert assistance throughout the process of buying Boise real estate. Just like receiving maximum value with the home you purchase, you want to be sure that you get the very best value for the loan itself, with the lowest interest rate and loan costs and the best terms that will fit your individual needs.
Part of the process of purchasing a home is preparing to qualify for a home loan. The majority of home buyers, and especially first time home buyers will find that they need to do a little bit of financial house cleaning in order to qualify for their home loan.

As they say, first things first, so you will want to initiate the process of preparing for a Boise home loan by reviewing your credit report. There are many sources available to pull your credit report, some of them are even free, but to ensure that your credit is pulled from all credit reporting agencies you are best served by contacting a home loan officer who will know everything that you don't know about analyzing your credit history and preparing to qualify for a Boise home loan.

The best time to start thinking about your ability to qualify for a home loan is before you find the perfect home because the last thing you would want to happen is to let your Boise dream home slip through your fingers because you were caught off guard by unknown issues lurking within your credit history.

The most typical problem encountered when reviewing credit is to find inaccuracies on the report, such as somebody else's bad credit or mistakes creditors may make when reporting information from the credit provided them. Over 75% off all credit reports contain errors and these inaccuracies alone could disqualify you for your home loan because it often takes more time to correct the credit record than you will have during the course of a typical real estate transaction. Once you discover improperly reported credit data you will have to gather proof and evidence to substantiate your claim of the inaccuracies and then write a letter to all credit reporting agencies and creditors, and then follow up with them every 30 days (follow up is essential) because the process often runs at the speed of a snail.

If you have a trusted professional loan officer like Julie Gould with Prospect Mortgage to lead you through the process, and assist you as necessary, you will be assured the issues will be resolved in a much shorter period of time. Julie Gould is in the business of helping home buyers achieve their goal of home ownership, whether they are Boise first time home buyers or have been around the real estate block before. Within the course of a 15 minute telephone conversation, Julie can get the proverbial ball rolling for you and the best thing about her excellent service is that it is at no cost to you, so call her today at (208).377.7243 and get the ball rolling!

Reaping the Bountiful Benefits of Gardening

Gardening and Boise real estate go hand in hand, if you want to buy a Boise home it's going to be difficult to escape the joys of gardening unless you hire somebody else to do it for you.  Many Boise homeowners of all ages are embracing the call of the wild and getting their green thumb groove on to save money, improve their health, reduce their grocery bill and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  The cost of entry into gardening is relatively low, depending on how deep you intend to dive in.  An added benefit of gardening is that you don't even need your own garden to participate.  There are many community gardens throughout the Treasure Valley area offering opportunities to not only grow plants but meaningful relationships as well, and there is likely a community garden near your neighborhood.

Gardening is a great way to ensure you get lots of healthy exercise and since the gardening season starts  in early spring and ends in late fall it runs through most of the year in the Boise area.  People of all ages are discovering that gardening offers you some many benefits including, gardening your way to a slimmer you and there is a plentitude of helpful tips and advice available on the subject.  Experts recommend that shovel warriors alternate gardening activities in order to better focus on specific muscle groups.  For example, planting activities offer a great lower body workout because of all of the upward and downward movements that are required to plant a bed of flowers.  Mowing and raking the lawn are great ways to get an aerobic workout, especially if you challenge yourself to move faster.  It's a good idea to alternate the hand you hold your tools in, i.e. start raking with your dominant hand then alternate to your other hand to ensure a challenging and balanced workout.  Focus on your gardening form as well, most gardening activities offer you an opportunity to increase your range of motion, something that is very important as we age.  As with any exercise regimen, stretch first, determine a set amount of time (such as 30-60 minutes) and consult your doctor when necessary.

Don't forget that the sun is the best source of vitamin D and most Americans don't get enough of this important vitamin.  The list of benefits from a proper intake of vitamin D is impressive, and even more important as we age:

Maintain Bone Strength

Regulate A Healthy Sleep Cycle

Reduce Stress

Boost Immunity To Disease

As with everything, moderation is essential, so cover up when your body tells you it has had enough glorious sunshine!

Although there are many physical health benefits to gardening, there are just as many mental health benefits as well.  There is something about the primal need to plunge hands first into bare earth to create something beautiful and useful from absolutely nothing.  Plants are very therapeutic themselves,  just being around their beauty does wonders to relieve pent up stress as does the act of creating your own one-of-a-kind garden of peace and tranquility.  Mitchell Hewson, a registered horticulture therapist has used horticultural therapy with people who are suffering from conditions ranging from dementia to eating disorders. "Horticultural therapy stimulates thought, exercises the body and encourages an awareness of the external environment. Moreover, the clients who have benefited from this type of therapy report a renewed desire to live, decreased anxiety and improved self-worth."

Another compelling reason to consider gardening as a hobby is all of the extracurricular activities (including competitions) the "sport" offers.  Not only are there community gardens to dive into, but there are many gardening clubs as well.  Garden Clubs of Idaho is fifteen clubs strong, with almost 500 members and most of the clubs are located right here in the Treasure Valley.   Of course there are many specialty clubs that focus on micro issues such as specific varieties of flowers, gourds, vegetables, seed gardens, etc.  After a while, when you start feeling like a gardening aficionado, it just might be time to consider getting more serious and becoming a "Master Gardener" and yes, there is such a thing, just consult your favorite online search engine.   

How many hobbies can claim that they will  improve the value of your Boise home as well as your neighborhood, improve both your physical and mental well being, offer opportunities to join a community of like minded enthusiasts, and provide a cornucopia of vegetables and beautiful flowers?  Hopefully this little blog entry will motivate you to start thinking about how mowing your yard once a week and creating one small flower bed can eventually turn your Boise real estate into a veritable garden of Eden.